Every eligible pre-owned car is inspected and certified with our findings put in writing.

Integrated Inspection Services only employs ASE Master Certified technicians representing the top 2% of  automotive technicians nationwide.

Choosing a pre-owned vehicle Certified by Integrated Inspection Services, Inc.  could be one of the most intelligent purchasing decisions you make.


More and more people today are realizing the value of pre-owned vehicles but are wary of buying someone else’s problems.  Many of the auto manufacturers have tried to address this concern with factory certification programs, however they all lack the most important ingredient-Independent Inspections by unbiased inspectors.


Integrated’s technicians do not work for automobile dealerships.  Nor do they perform repairs.  They are independent ASE-certified Master Technicians whose only job is to inspect and to determine a vehicle’s eligibility for a mechanical repair agreement.  When a car passes Integrated’s 66-point plus inspection, it is awarded an “Integrated Inspections” certification consisting of an identifying label and written report, signed and sealed by Integrated’s inspector and personally placed on the vehicle by the inspector.


Integrated’s automotive technicians are certified by the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence (ASE), and meet ASE’s highest standards for automobile mechanical knowledge.  When a used vehicle is inspected by Integrated, it’s in the hands of ASE-certified Master Technicians.

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